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Team  glove store is a quick and easy way to streamline the ordering process. This process allows your team the ability to purchase their gloves collaboratively, with each team member paying for an order using their own credit card.  The glove store eliminates any work associated with coaches collecting payments from players and parents. You will get a detailed list of who paid and what they ordered emailed to you before the gloves arrive.

Your custom gloves are set up in a custom store for your team members to purchase 24/7! Team glove store is method of payment.

Only request a glove store for your team when you are ready to pay for your order. What do i need to do to open a glove store?

Before you can open a team glove store you will need a custom design to purchase!  Use our innovative custom glove builders product or contact your champion sales pro to develop a design for you. 

Simply save your custom design to your computer and send it to us when you fill out the request a glove store form. 

CLICK HERE to Fill Out the Team Store Request Form!


A team shop can be open for 14 days or until needed to meet order requirments.  During this time, your team members will be able to access the custom team shop web link provided after your team shop is set up, and purchase your custom product 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. 


Champion Gloves will review your request!  The information you provide in the request a team glove shop web form will be used to create your team shop and you will be granted team shop manager login credentials.  As the team shop manager, you will be able to login and share your respective team shop with your team by email or social media.  You will also be able to download a flier detailing the products available in your team shop that can be used as a hand out, and send reminder emails to your team if you feel it's necessary.

What happens if my team shop doesn't meet the minimum order requirements?

If your team is unable to collaboratively meet the minimum order requirements to purchase custom product, your order will not be processed.  Credit cards used to purchase custom product will be refunded, and no custom product will be shipped. 

Please only request a team glove shop if you are certain that your team can meet the minimum order requirements to purchase custom product. Gloves ship to the coach 6-8 weeks after the store closes.

Please note that all gloves will be shipped to the address you provide during team shop set up. Individually purchased product will not be shipped to individual addresses.  Shipping your entire order to one address saves your team money in shipping costs! Orders placed via team shop are billed at the full purchase price, plus shipping and sales tax (where applicable).

There is no 50% down payment option when using the team shop to purchase your custom product. Once your order is sent to production it can not be canceled, and no refunds will be given. Please be sure your custom product is what you require before requesting a team shop.  Once your team shop is open, the product within your team shop can not be changed

Submitting any order to champion gloves indicates that you accept our terms & conditions, and that you: a) have proofread the copy and examined the pre-production artwork presented; b) give your approval champion gloves to manufacture the custom product presented; c) are authorized to use all presented designs and artwork in compliance with international   copyright law; d) are authorized by the owners of any presented design to give approval to re-produce and apply the design and artwork; e) understand that you are solely responsible for your custom product's design including all elements of the text (content, spelling, grammar, punctuation), and colors.

CLICK HERE to Fill Out the Team Store Request Form!

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All of our football gloves are marked with Meets SFIA Standard logo to confirm to officials that Champion Gloves meet the required standard.

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